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“A Salute To Our Volunteer Fire Companies”
A reprint of The Observer
February 8, 1962

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A Message from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, NFPA Honorary Chair, Fire Prevention Week ...

"When I went to the movies with my mother as a young boy, she would sometimes cover my eyes with her hand and ask, 'Can you tell me where the exits are?' She made it a game that was fun, but she was serious about teaching the lesson. I've always remembered it, because it's a very important one.

"No matter where people are, everyone needs to know how to escape safely if fire should break out. That's why I've joined the non-profit National Fire Protection Association in its public safety efforts during Fire Prevention Week 2000.

"NFPA's campaign is called 'Fire Drills: The Great Escape!' Its goal is to encourage people everywhere to plan and practice their own fire drills, especially in their homes, where eight out of 10 fire deaths occur.

"When was the last time you had a fire drill? Please, take a few minutes to walk through your home with your family and identify at least two escape routes in case a fire blocks one of them. Then practice using them, and choose a specific place outside to assemble and make sure that everyone is safe and wait for the fire department. Also, if you haven't done it lately, test your smoke alarms to be sure they're working.

"I hope everyone will take this message to heart. Fire is fast -- so fast, you may have only a few moments to get out. However, if you react quickly, you can survive a fire. Fire drills really are the 'Great Escape.' Planning ahead and practicing carefully are the keys to survival."

The Town of Glocester does not have a Fire Department, but rather a number of fire districts manned by volunteer fire and rescue personnel.

ALL EMERGENCIES ... DIAL Any Emergency: 911


  • Chepachet Station #1
    1170 Putnam Pike
    Chepachet, RI 02814
    Tel: 401-568-5200
    Fax: 401-568-6100
    Chief: Dennis Huestis
  • Harmony Station #1
    194 Putnam Pike
    Glocester, RI 02814
    Tel: 401-949-1188
    Fax: 401-949-1210
    Chief: Richard A. Waterman

    Executive Board Meetings are held at 7:00 pm every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Harmony Fire Department at 194 Putnam Pike.

    The Annual Meeting is always held on the 1st Saturday in June at 10:00 am. Voting Polls for Annual Elections are always open the Friday afternoon before the Annual meeting from 4:00 to 8:00 pm and the Saturday morning of the Annual Meeting from 8:00 to 9:45 am.
  • West Glocester Station #1
    2410 Putnam Pike (Route 44)
    Glocester, RI 02814
    Tel: 401-568-2422
    Fax: 401-710-9932
    Chief: Christopher LaButti
  • West Glocester Station #2
    Acciardo Drive
    Glocester, RI 02814

Permits are required for open burning. No permit may be issued if RI Department of Environmental Management (DEM) declares a Class 3 fire danger level. Contact details to be posted.

Help Our Fire/Rescue Department Find You!
Reflective markers are available for a small fee. Order one for your home or business today. Remember... if we can't find you, we can't help you!


Harrisville Hose Company No .1
Nasonville Fire Department
Oakland-Mapleville Fire Department

Day Kimball (CT): 1-203-928-7503
Fatima & St. Joseph: 401-456-3000
Landmark Medical Center: 401-769-4100
Miriam: 401-331-8500
R.I. & Hasbro Children's: 401-444-4000
Roger Williams: 401-456-2000
Women & Infants: 401-274-1100

Poison Hotline
Info: 401-444-5727

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National Fire Protection Association


National Fire Protection Association
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