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Recycling Do’s & Don’ts
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Recycling Right in RI:
The Complete How-To
Stick to these rules-of-thumb for recycling
in Rhode Island, and you'll recycle right
95% of the time... and that's fantastic!
You'll help keep our operation running
efficiently, keep our workers safe, and
ensure RI produces a high quality product.




Gary Treml, Director
Public Works Department
91 Chestnut Hill Road
Chepachet, RI 02814
Memorial Day – Labor Day
Director’s Hours 6:00am – 2:30pm
Office Hours 6:00am – 2:00 pm

Transfer Station
121 Chestnut Hill Road
Chepachet, RI 02814

Transfer Station Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tue-Fri: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sat-Sun: 8:00am to 4:00pm
Closed 1/2 Day Christmas Eve
Closed 1/2 Day New Year’s Eve
Closed All Holidays
Closed All Snow Events

Sticker Required
A visible Resident Sticker is required on all vehicles.

  • Permanent Stickers are for those residents whose vehicles are registered in Glocester.
    Permanent Stickers may be obtained from the Highway Director's Office at 91 Chestnut Hill Road, Glocester, RI Monday  through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM or at the Transfer Station during regular hours. Permanent Stickers are no longer available at the Town Hall.
  • Temporary Passes are for those residents whose vehicles are not registered in Glocester.
    Temporary Passes may be obtained from the Highway Director's Office at 91 Chestnut Hill Road, Glocester, RI Monday  through Friday 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM to 3:00PM. Vehicle registration and proof of residency is required. Temporary Passes are no longer available at the Town Hall.

Recycling Policy
 Recycling is mandatory as of October 4, 1993.

Recycling Receptacles
Recycling receptacles are available at the DPW office at 91 Chestnut Hill Rd.

REMINDER: Plastic bags are never allowed in the recycle containers. If you transport your recycling in plastic bags, please remember to empty them into the container, tie the bag in a knot, and dispose of it in one of the barrels next to the recycling container. Clean bags are accepted for recycling at the local grocery store or pharmacy.

  • Mixed Recycling
    Paper, cardboard, and cartons. That's it—no other fiber products. For example, wood and textiles are made from natural fiber but they aren't paper, cardboard, or cartons, so they don't belong in your bin or cart. Paper and cardboard should be mostly clean and dry (a little grease on a pizza box is OK) and be flattened. Cartons must be empty at a minimum, and rinsed whenever possible. Place plastic tops back on to cartons prior to recycling. No shredded paper, and no napkins, tissues or paper towels.
    Metal cans, lids, and foil. That’s it—no other metal.  For example, a metal frying pan is not a can, lid, or foil, so it doesn’t belong in your bin or cart. Containers must be empty at a minimum, and rinsed whenever possible. Foil should be clean and bunched up.
    Glass bottles and jars. That’s it—no other glass. For example, a drinking glass is not a bottle or jar, so it doesn’t belong in your bin or cart. Containers must be empty at a minimum, and rinsed whenever possible. Remove metal tops from glass bottles and jars first, and recycle separately.
    Plastic containers. That’s it—no other plastic. For example, a plastic coat hanger is not a container, so it doesn’t belong in your bin or cart.  Containers must be empty at a minimum, and rinsed whenever possible. Place plastic tops back on to containers prior to recycling. No foam containers, or plastic containers that once held flammable materials like motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides or herbicides.
    No plastic bags, bags of bags, or recycling inside of bags!

    More Info
  • Shredded Paper - EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Shredded paper is no longer accepted in the recycle containers at the transfer station. You can bring it to RI Resource Recovery to one of their drop-off containers or dispose of it in the waster container.

    MORE INFO: It is important to know what a “sensitive” document is and what isn’t. Anything with your social security number, bank or credit card numbers, medical records or forms are sensitive documents. If someone else got hold of these, you could be at risk. Items with just your name, address, and phone number are not sensitive. Magazines, newspapers, and junk mail can be safely recycled whole in your household’s recycling bin. Whole sheets of paper make for higher quality recycling.
  • Mixed Rigid Plastic - All plastic buckets larger than 2.5 gals., drums, totes & empty garbage barrels and bins. Plastic milk crates, kitty litter containers, laundry baskets, lawn furniture and pet  carriers. Plastic toys and playhouses. Plastic agriculture trays and flower pots. Plastic pallets, shelving and sheeting. NO VINYL INFLATABLE POOLS, POOL TOYS OR AIR MATTRESSES. No pvc pipe/tubing or vinyl siding.

    CLICK HERE for Rigid Plastic list
  • TV and Electronics Recycling
    Computers, laptops, servers, routers, and peripherals such as mice, keyboards, speakers, and   microphones. TVs,  monitors and flat screens. TVs must be whole and intact. NO broken or exposed TV tubes are accepted as this is considered hazardous waste. Hard drives, optical drives, motherboards, daughter boards, ram, CD ROMs, etc. Printers, fax machines, typewriters, scanners, toner cartridges, cameras, calculators, and small medical equipment. Cell phones (including battery), cordless phones, PDA's, I pods, tablets, and chargers. Audio/visual equipment, stereos, CD/DVD players, console gaming systems, cassette players, remote controls.
  • Refrigerators/Freezers/Air Conditioners - any freon-containing appliance.
  • Books
    Hard and soft cover books only. NO magazines.
  • Clothing - Donate all dry, odorless textiles
    Torn jeans? Stained shirt? Single sock? No problem! Drapes? Towels? Stuffed animals? They’re in demand, too. When it comes to textile donation, don’t judge. Donate all dry, odorless textiles in any clothing collection bin in Rhode Island, but keep them out of your recycling bin! Phrases like “gently used” and “clothing and shoes only” on collection bins are outdated. There is a rather elaborate, global infrastructure for the donation, repair, repurposing, reuse and -- yes -- recycling of textiles. The catch? Textiles need to be dry, odorless, free of hazardous waste (e.g., rags used for polishing, painting, etc.) and carpeting needs to stay out. That’s it, so don’t judge. In fact, 95% of the textiles dropped off in collection bins are kept from landfills in one way or another. Not only are you NOT burdening collection organizations when you donate these items, you are actually helping many of them generate much needed revenue from the sale of these materials to textile recyclers. Remember, NEVER put any textiles in your recycling bin or cart. For more information, visit
    Recyclable mattresses/box springs now have free disposal. A law passed in 2015 requires the mattress industry to create a recycling program for used and discarded mattress and box springs in RI; program launched May 1, 2016. Mattress sellers are required to collect a recycling fee on a new mattress and box spring purchase. This fee ($10/unit in RI) is used to pay for the transportation and recycling of mattresses. This program will divert "recyclable" mattress and box springs from the landfill and allow materials like fiber, foam, steel and wood to be recycled. A fee may be charged for "premium services", when offered. Only mattress and box springs from Rhode Island sources are accepted and mattresses must be dry.  Mattresses or box springs severely damaged, wet, twisted, frozen, soiled or infested with bed bugs, are not accepted as recyclable. Residents are asked to stop at the Transfer Station Office for inspection prior to dropping off at container site.

    See attendant for disposal form and payment. Payment in the form of cash or check, made payable to “The Town of Glocester.”


    Mattress pads or toppers
    Sleeping bags
    Car beds
    Juvenile product padding/mattress for carriages, bassinets, dressing tables, infant carriers, strollers and playpens
    Crib bumpers
    Lounge pads/futon mattresses
    Water beds or camping-style air mattresses
    Fold-out sofa beds

    These items should be disposed of in the regular waste containers.
  • Metals – All scrap metal, non-freon containing appliances; washers, dryers, stoves. No gas tanks, propane tanks, fence, wire or cable of any kind.
  • Propane Tanks - Place NEXT to Metal Recycling Container ... DO NOT PLACE IN CONTAINER
  • Light Bulbs & Ballasts - In cartons within container behind Solid Waste container.
  • Automotive Oil & Filters (only) - DO NOT mix any other fluids in oil receptacle.

    See attendant for disposal form and payment. Payment in the form of cash or check, made payable to “The Town of Glocester.”
  • Batteries - All vehicle and equipment batteries

Solid Waste Receptacles
Solid waste receptacles are located at the Solid Waste Center, to the right as you enter the Transfer Station. Regular solid waste may include:

  • diapers;
  • couches (should be cut in half);
  • carpeting (should be rolled and tied).

Yard Waste
Yard waste includes leaves and pine needles, grass clippings, and Christmas trees. NO BRUSH.

Items NOT Accepted
The items listed below are not accepted at this facility. These types of materials should be brought to the Central Landfill in Johnston or  handled by a private contractor equipped for the safe disposal of said items.

  • plastic bags
    Plastic bags don’t belong in your recycling bin, but they don’t necessarily belong in the trash either! Every large grocery, pharmacy and big box store in RI is required by law to have a collection container for recycling plastic bags, and these collection containers are a place to recycle many other plastic films and wraps, too.
  • brush
  • building materials such as sheetrock, shingles, plaster, wood of any kind, asbestos
  • oxygen tanks
  • acetylene tanks
  • nitrous oxide tanks
  • See also Mattress section above

Needle Protocol

Go to or call (401) 942-1430 ext 775.

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